Corporate strategy

The main strategic objective of Midven S.A. for the years 2017 - 2020 is the development of projects in the B2B as well as the support of portfolio companies in games area.

The idea of Midven S.A. is to achieve the leading position all portfolio projects of B2B in the European approach in their segments, as well as the development of gaming companies in the portfolio of Arts Alliance S.A. with complementary activities of game projects.

The strategy will enable Midven S.A. not only the basis for growth in revenue and profitability of the services or own products, but also increase the value of the portfolio companies at the same time to build the value of the capital group.

The Midven Group will to achieve this objective by:

  • development B2B platform by algorithms in „Business Travel“ segment,
  • potential investments and M&A profitable travel online platforms in CEE areas,
  • potential investments in game teams with possible synergies within Arts Alliance,
  • synergies between the products and services of companies of the capital Group.