• Arts Alliance presents the Aurora trailer, the premiere the title in the 2021

    Arts Alliance notoana on newconnect, the capital group co-financing their own game productions, has published the first official Aurora trailer on YouTube. According to preliminary assumptions, the title is to appear on Steam in 2021 in the full version, although the company is considering releasing the game at an earlier date in the Early Access model.

    "Aurora Weather Warfare" in the overall official name is a walking simulator with lots of survival, crafting and quests. The production will be set in a dark, thriller atmosphere. The game is set in a modern, but heavily damaged world weather disaster. The inspiration was research programs related to Nicola Tesla's inventions involving the wireless transmission of waves of different frequencies and current, which can affect weather turbulence in large areas of the earth. The main character will have to survive, save his loved ones, but also unravel the mystery of disasters that affected the area. He will have to face not only difficult situations, but also make sometimes morally questionable choices. Not everything in the surrounding world will be obvious or unambiguous. In the developers' opinion, thanks to the use of AI algorithms, Aurora will fully engage players for many hours of play.

    We are pleased with the results of work so far. Creating Aurora, we are inspired by facts and conspiracy theories related to research programs on the transmission of high frequency waves and their impact on the ionosphere. In the premise of the game, unexpected weather changes and cataclysms that may haunt the world may not be a coincidence - comments Andrzej Zając, President of the Board of Arts Alliance.

    According to the assumptions, the title will appear first on the Steam platform, and will be released later on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. The exact date will be presented by the Arts Alliance Management later. The game is implemented by an external development team. The company will also consider releasing the game on a new generation of consoles. The trailer is also available on the game dedicated website !>